3rd Week, October 2020

Comparison of bestsellers in the four biggest online bookstores in Korea


If we take a look at the integrated list of bestsellers announced by the four major online bookstores in Korea for the third week of October, some books catch our attention as they have ranked even before their publication. The first example is <Diligent Love> by Lee Seul-Ah, who has been greatly loved by Korean readers with her <Daily Lee Seul-Ah Essay Collection (Hey Uhm)> and <My Face Becomes Like My Mom Whenever I Cry (Munhakdongne)>. This book, with the subtitle “Lee Seul-Ah’s Writing Room for Studying Body and Mind,” talks about what the writer has taught and learned through her writing classes. Also, <See What They Mean, Say What You Mean> by doctor Oh Eun Young, a so-called national mentor for childcare, offers a kind explanation about how to teach and deliver a clear message to your kid without exhibiting anger. It seems the fame of these writers has put their books on the bestsellers’ list even before the official publication.
Meanwhile, some books have been steadily putting their names on the list. For example, <Trend Korea 2021>, the top bestseller, is a book that chooses keywords that will trend in the following year at around the end of the year. It tops the list each time it is published, and Korean readers are paying great attention to the release. Also, <School Nurse Ahn Eunyoung> is a novel that had already become popular in 2015 when it was published. As the drama series with the same title was released on Netflix, the book is drawing attention once again. In addition, the <Common Siblings> series for children became a bestseller as soon as its new volume was released. The love of children readers for the series that humorously describes episodes we can easily experience in our daily lives is expected to continue.
Meanwhile, a new title, <Dollargut Dream Department Store>, catches our attention. Being a fantasy novel that features secret but heart-touching stories that take place in a dream department store where only those asleep can enter, the book has recorded 1812% of the funding objective on Tumblbug and had been the top bestseller for three consecutive weeks as soon as its digital edition was released. Its paper book edition could be published thanks to strong requests from readers. On top of these, various books including <My Day Begins at 4:30 AM> with the subtitle “a single habit to double your day” and <John Lee’s Breaking Out of Financial Illiteracy> by John Lee who is called the “finance doctor” can be found on the list.


* The rank of bestsellers below was organized after integrating domestic best sellers in the third week of October from the four biggest online bookstores in Korea – Kyobo Bookstore, Aladdin, Yes 24, and Interpark.


Best sellers



Trend Korea 2021
Author | Kim Nam-Do, Jeon Mi-Young, Choi Ji-Hye, Lee Hyang-Eun, Lee Joon-Young, Lee Su-Jin, Seo Yu-Hyun, Kwon Jeong-Yoon, Han Da-Hye
Publisher | Miraebook
Genre | Economics & Business Administration



Common Siblings 6
Author | Common Siblings (Original), Paek Nan-Do
Publisher | i-seum
Genre | Kids Comics



Dollargut Dream Department Store
Author | Lee Mi-Ye
Publisher | Factory Nine
Genre | Novel



My Day Begins at 4:30 AM
Author | Kim Yu-Jin
Publisher | Tornado
Genre | Self-development



John Lee’s Breaking Out of Financial Illiteracy
Author | John Lee
Publisher | Vegabooks
Genre | Economics & Business Administration



Poem of Mindfulness
Author | Ryu Si-Hwa (edited)
Publisher | Suo Books
Genre | Poem



School Nurse Ahn Eunyoung (Special Edition)
Author | Chung Se-Rang
Publisher | Minumsa
Genre | Novel



The Property of Money
Author | Kim Seung-Ho
Publisher | Snowfox Books
Genre | Economics & Business Administration



Diligent Love
Author | Lee Seul-Ah
Publisher | Munhakdongne
Genre | Essay



See What They Mean, Say What You Mean
Author | Oh Eun Young
Publisher | Gimm-Young Publishers Inc.
Genre | Home & Childcare





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