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Launched as a translation and interpretation agency in 204, Abba Communication (Abba hereafter) now also acts as a copyright agency. Abba supports young Korean publishers who are aspiring to build experiences in moving on to the international market, providing consultation on the way until they become global.
Abba’s special forte is its excellent professional team with expertise in re-writing and/or editing synopses and introductions into texts both competitive and persuasive. Other services Abba provides include translating original materials and creating promotional texts.

Focused Subjects  Liberal Arts: Biography, Management, Negotiation

Kim jungsu
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-707-2103 • Regions : Asia, UK, USA

Han-gyul Go
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-707-2103 • Regions : Asia, UK, USA



Agency Liang

Agency Liang was established in 2010 as one of the leading agencies in Korea. Agency Liang has built up excellent and successful cooperation and communication with publishers from all over the world and especially maintains a friendly relationship with over 200 publishers in Taiwan & China. Agency Liang handles all kinds of books, such as children’s books, business, self-help, cookbooks, health & dieting, fiction, parenting, etc...

Focused Subjects all kinds of books, such as children’s books, business, self-help, cookbooks, health & dieting, fict

Mr. Yang, Seoung June
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-707-2103 • Regions : China, Taiwan

Ms. Choi Jeong Rim
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-70-8828-9920 • Regions : China, Taiwan



Agency PK, Pauline Kim Agency

Founded on 27 th Oct. 2003, PK is a copyright licensing agency that works with domestic and foreign publishers to promote export and import of books and other printed materials.
There main business area of importa are Fance, U.S.A, mainly in adult, children book. And There has been a surge of territories; asia including China, Taiwan, Thiland, Indonasia, Hong Kong, and Germany, Fance, etc...
PK extend our business to introuduce directly Korean Author’s & illustrators world wide

Kim Hyorim
•  E-mail : •  Phone : +82-2-517-8791 • Regions : All
•  E-mail : •  Phone : +82-2-517-8791 • Regions : Export
•  E-mail : •  Phone : +82-2-517-8791 • Regions : England and America/Japan




Focused Subjects  Import & export contract brokerage, overseas Collaboration with picture artists, Application

•  E-mail : • Regions : GM




Focused Subjects All genres

•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-707-2103 • Regions : GM, England and America, German, ELT Textbook TradingA
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-707-2103 • Regions : England and America, French



Arui SHIN Agency

Focused Subjects Fiction and non-fiction for adults and children

Sunhang Shin
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-336-3736 • Regions : China, Taiwan




Founded in 2000, BC Agency has become one of top literary agencies in Korea. We work with various publishers and agencies in more than twety countries. We will keep doing our best to mediate between foreign and Korean Seven agents look forward to hearing from you!

<Main Import Titles>
“The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, by Klaus Schwab
“The Courage to be Disliked 1, 2”, by Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga
“Nimm’s bitte nicht persöhnlich” by Bärbel Wardetzki

<Main Export Titles>
“The Unending Korean War”, by Dong-Choon Kim
“Who is controlling North Korea?”, by KBS
“Heek’s House”, by Shin-A Lee

Focused Subjects  Humanities, Fiction, Economics, Practical

Richard Hong
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-3143-2834 • Regions : Germany
Yukiko Hahn
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-3143-2897 • Regions : Japan
Mihai Taru
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-3143-2896 • Regions : England and America
Bae Hyelim
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-3143-2897 • Regions : Japan
Geum-Ji Lee
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-3143-2897 • Regions : Japan
Jimin Kim
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-3143-2896 • Regions : France, child




Bestun Korea Agency started its business in 1994 and has grown to attain four separate divisions, English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese, finally becoming one of the major literary and rights agencies in Korea by the end of 1997. Bestun Korea is currently run by partners of four who individually deal with 150-200 contracts a year, which totals in 600-800 deals per annum altogether. One of our roles as a subagent is to introduce forthcoming titles to Korean publishers, providing the advance information of new books, making a text PDF files available to publishers to review, and obtain review copies of the books on behalf of the Korean publishers. Also, we monitor the Korean market on behalf of the foreign rights holders and to regularly report the sale figure to them during the contractual terms. We look after all payment transactions on behalf of the Korean publishers and rights owners. We attend major international book fairs every year in London, Bologna, and Frankfurt, each agent managing around 60-70 meetings during the fair. Also, when the foreign publishers visit Seoul, we arrange meetings with various Korean publishers.

Focused Subjects Rights representation of all kinds of foreign publication works including literature, human and soci

•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-3486-3012 • Regions : Rights agent - English division
Hanyee SHIN
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-581-3338 • Regions : Rights agent / France and francophone countries
Hyeyoung LEE
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-322-2832 • Regions : Rights agent / Germany division
Youngju KIM
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-336-1513 • Regions : Rights agent / Japanese division
Xuelian PAK
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-336-1513 • Regions : Rights agent / Chinese division




Bookzone Agency has always worked in education and has more than 25 years of international buisness experience.
We are specialized in education & culture contents.
As a leader of trade education contents and associated technologies, Bookzone Agency is ideally positioned to help you take advantage of it.
Based on this professional experience, we had been selected as a partner company of KOCCA (Korea Culture & Tourism Promotion Agency) and participated in 'International Exhibition Cooperation Support Project' from 2014.
We have successfully launched new subsidiaries of Korea's mainstream education company in China and it was another field with a good record.
Bookzone Agency have maintain a good relationship with China's major publisher group 'Tsinghua Univercity Press' & 'People's Education Press'.
We are in charge of exportation,importation and exchange with them and Korea's major publishers.
However, Bookzone Agency are not complacent and we aims to diversify our business.
We are continuing its expansion into related business and it has served us and our clients well.
Education programs, Foreign language learning, ELT, Math, Science, Creativity, Art, Early education, Intelligent development, School textbook, Play centers, Learning centers, School teaching materials, Toys, Games, Droid, IT works, Video contents, K-POP, Cultural promotional materials, Webtoon, etc.
We are currently involved in ' Educational experience facilities(based on AR) development project' of Hongkong Net Dragon & Korea's Univercity.
We are dedicated to provide a program for gifted children that were jointly developed by Korea and Israel and introduce it through Shanghai Century Publishing Group to China market.
Since 1993, we are keep increasing in stature through international business with Hongkong, China, US, UK, Taiwan, Singapore, Italy and France.
Until now, we expect to trade with more many countries through Alibaba.
Bookzone Agency has many excellent education &culture contents, always ready to do that meet world buyer.

Focused Subjects Childrensbook, Study Series, General Books

Rho tae soo
•  E-mail : • Phone :82-10-3228-7541 • Regions : opyright/All country



Carrot Korea Agency

Carrot Korea Agency is one of leading copyright agents in Korea, which is exporting and importing copyright of various kinds of books for pre-school children through adults. We have arranged copyright contracts between Korean publishers, foreign authors, agents and publishers since 2001. We had started as the copyright agency specialized in China at the beginning, and now we are dealing with many countries especially, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and France. We are dealing with about Four hundreds of high quality titles exported overseas each year。

Focused Subjects Books for children, Books for toddler, Academical comics, Humanities books, How-to, Language study b

Paek Eunyoung
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-338-3686 • Regions : Diredtor
Park Naeun
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-338-3688 • Regions : Export / Southeast Asian countries, China and Taiwan



Creek & River Entertainment

Focused Subjects Domestic and foreign books import and export

Kim Seungnam
•  E-mail : • Phone :   • Regions : Chinese
Huh Eunsol
•  E-mail : • Phone :   • Regions : Japanese
Kwon Youngkyung
•  E-mail : • Phone :   • Regions : Japanese



Danny Hong Agency

Since its establishment in 2005, it has been successfully introducing beautiful works by international authors to Korean publishing market while also representing bestselling Korean authors for the worldwide market. Armed with long experience and full of knowledge in planning and editing books and agenting, all four agents in the company, who had worked for publishing companies before, are obviously different enough to read and review international contents from other Korean agencies. All of us here are completely able to cover English, Japanese, and Chinese titles placing with Korean publishers over 400 international titles a year. Along with the experience and knowledge in the publishing industry, we always try to bring the transparency to both licensors and licensees and keep trust in them. Due to the said outstanding capability of all of four agents, we now become one of leading literary agencies in Korea and have recently expanded our business into multiple ways of distribution of Korean books in the world. As a result of spreading Korean books to the global market, we have garnered a lot of attention in Korean books from US, UK, European, and South American publishers and achieved great success from the foreign sales of the Korean books such as The Time Garden, The Time Chamber, The Night Voyage by Daria Song (Ten Speed Press/Penguin Random House), selling over 700,000 copies in the worldwide market. Located in Seoul, Korea, we are always happy to provide great contents to Korean and international markets and we would welcome new things and unique contents at open mind.

Focused Subjects Fiction, Non-Fiction, Self Help, Craft Book, Health, Business

Danny Hong
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-6402-8890 • Regions : Worldwide Market
Alice Moon
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-6402-8890 • Regions :English, Taiwan
Younghee Kim
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-6402-8890 • Regions : Japan



Duran Kim Agency

Duran Kim Agency is a literary agency, established in 2001 by Duran Kim, who has been an agent since 1992. Duran Kim Agency is representing most major publishing companies and agents in the US, Europe and Japan, as the exclusive Korean agency for the Perseus Book Group, WW Norton & Co., MIT Press, Atlantic Books among the publishers, and Curtis Brown Ltd., Fletcher & Co., McCormick Literary, . MacKenzie Wolf, Caskie Mushen among the agencies.

Focused Subjects Fiction, Non-fiction, Business, Science

Duran Kim
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-583-5724 • Regions : Fiction, Nonfiction, Business, Sicence – US & Europe
Sienna Jo
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-583-5724 • Regions :Fiction, Nonfiction, Business, Sicence – US & Europe All areas - Japan



EYA (Eric Yang Agency)

Eric Yang Agency intermediates intellectual property and cultural contents between countries since 1995. For over 20 years, Eric Yang Agency has been working with more than 5,000 publishers of 90 countries in the world and importing the foreign titles average of 3,000 titles annually to Korea. Eric Yang Agency exports about 350 Korean titles to overseas every year.

Focused Subjects All Genres

Sue Yang
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-592-3356 • Regions : Copyright / All Area
Susan Kang
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-592-3356 • Regions : Copyright / Japan
Jackie Yang
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-592-3356 • Regions : Copyright / UK, Asia
Hanna Lee
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-592-3356 • Regions :Copyright / China



Floating Iron

loating Iron comprises of professionals of international content exchange business. With expertise gained since the 1980s, they have conducted business with Korean publishers holding excellent contents in the fields of ELT and Christian fiction tied to international small- and medium-sized publishers.
Floating Iron’s specialty is exporting sustainable Korean contents to other countries.

Focused Subjects Christian Fiction Children: Picture books ELT for Pre-K: Storybooks ELT for adults: Dialogue, TOEIC,IELTS , Korean Language for Foreginers

Jung Sook Kim
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-9309-7703 • Regions : Asia, USA, Europe



Gaon Agency

Focused Subjects Children, literature

•  E-mail : • Phone :    • Regions : GM



Greenbook Literary Agency

Established in 2006, we have introduced foreign titles for adults and children to our Korean publishers and have arranged more than 1,000 translation deals.
Also, we represent the brilliant Korean sci-fi/speculative writers worldwide including Kim Bo Young.

Focused Subjects Fiction and non-fiction for adults and children

Jinhee Park
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-903-5585 • Regions : Head of English Department
Toni Shihyoung Kim
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-903-5585 • Regions : Head of Europe and Asia Department



HAN Agency Co.

HAN Agency was established in 2014 with the aim to handle the genre of the arts, humanities, Literature, graphic novels and picture books that would enable authors and publishers feel easy from their publication plans to approach the world wide markets such as US, Europe and China etc.

Focused Subjects Novel, graphic novel, illustrations essay, picture books etc.

Rosa Han
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-70-7768-0382 • Regions : Agent/ North America, Europe



Icaris Agency

Focused Subjects All genres

•  E-mail : • Phone :    • Regions : GM



Imprima Korea Agency

Focused Subjects Representing and negotiating the sale, lease, license or other disposition of the rights to the auth

Terry Kim
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-325-9155 (ext.501) • Regions : COO
Heesun Kim
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-325-9155 (ext.301) • Regions : Rights Manager/Japan
Seohee Shin
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-325-9155 (ext.402) • Regions : Rights Manager / England and America, Europe



Inter-Ko Literary & IP Agency

The Korea’s first literary agency built in 1985 has been doing variousbusiness related to copyright and intellectual property, legal advising,rights dealing & managing, and platform developing & trading, etc.

Focused Subjects Legal advising for Copyright & IP, Rights Licensing, IP Developing

Il-Ho Shin
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-715-3015 • Regions : All regions



KL Management

Focused Subjects Literature for all(Adult, YA, and Children)

Joseph Lee
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-766-2933 • Regions :  




Focused Subjects Foreign Language Studies, Korean Studies, Learning Chinese Charaacters

•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-565-1530 • Regions : Director
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-2-565-1531 • Regions : Enligh and European Books for Adult
•  E-mail : • Phone : +86-130-2112-1764 • Regions : Chinese language area
•  E-mail : • Phone : +56-22-833-9055 • Regions : Spanish language area



Korea Copyright Center Inc.

Korea Copyright Center Inc. (KCC) is one of Korea’s most recognized and long-established literary agency. After the succession of the former DRT International (established in 1990), KCC transitioned as Korea Copyright Center Inc. in 2002. Since then, KCC has continued to successfully build and expand its reputation in the Korean literary world.

The experienced, talented and committed team of about twenty agents in KCC has strived to introduce and license a wide range of titles, ranging from business, literature, non-fiction to art and children’s books to both foreign and Korean publishers. The dedication and expertise of the KCC’s agents have contributed in maintaining KCC’s presence in the Korean publishing industry for about twenty years.

KCC’s professionalism and hands-on service has allowed it to exclusively represent some of the world’s largest and reputable publishers and literary agencies

Focused Subjects Introducing and licensing a wide range of titles, ranging from business, literature, non-fiction to

Jung-Mi, Kim
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-725-3350 • Regions : Japanese Books
Yuna Choi
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-725-3350 • Regions : Enligh and European Books for Adult
Heejin Mo
•  E-mail : • PPhone : 82-2-725-3350 • 
Regions : Enligh and European Books for Children and YA 

Su Yeon Park
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-725-3350 • Regions : Chinese Books



Linking-Asia International Co.,Ltd

Linking-Asia International Co.,Ltd (連亜国际文化传播公司) was established in 2014 as one of the leading agencies in Korea. We have built up excellent and successful cooperation and communication with publishers from all over the world and especially maintains a friendly relationship with over 400 publishers in China, Taiwan and Japan. We are handling all kinds of books, such as children’s books, business, self-help, cookbooks, health & dieting, fiction, parenting, and webtoon, webnovel, audio druma, and planning calture event, translation etc..

Focused Subjects Chinese Publishing, lecture, Webtoon Platform Copyright mediation

Jung YeonHye
•  E-mail : • Phone :    • Regions :   



Milkwood Agency

Milkwood was founded in 2009 with 3 literary agents covering English, German and French literary rights.

Focused Subjects Import of English, French, German books into Korea

Alex Lee
•  E-mail : • Phone :82-02-3676-0290 • Regions : UK, USA
Lea Oh
•  E-mail : • Phone :82-02-3676-0290 • Regions : France
•  E-mail : • Phone :82-02-3676-0290 • Regions : Germany



MOMO Agency

MOMO AGENCY was established in Seoul in 2003, has been representing prestigious publishing houses and agencies from different European countries, and also presenting Korean authors to foreign publishers.

Focused Subjects Fiction and nonfiction for both adults and children

Geenie Han
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-010-9081-9865 • Regions : Germany, Europe



Ool Literary

Ool Literary specialises in Picture Books, Arts, and Graphic Novels. We carefully review and select the titles before introducing them to the market.

Focused Subjects Import of English, French, German books into Korea

Minwoo Choi
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-70-8667-4948 • Regions : Buying & Selling Rights / Europe, Latin America
Seou Kim
•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-70-7649-4948 • Regions : Buying & Selling Rights / Europe, Latin America



Orange Agency

Focused Subjects Overseas books, E-book brokerage · translation

Hyungran Moon
•  E-mail : • Phone :    • Regions : GM
Muriel PARK
•  E-mail :• Phone :    • Regions :   



PLS Agency

Focused Subjects Liberal Arts: Biography, Management, Negotiation

•  E-mail : • Phone :    • Regions : GM



PubHub Literary Agency

•  E-mail : • Phone :    • Regions : GM



Shinwon Agency

Shinwon Agency started its business in 1986. We boast a longest history as a literary agency in Korea.

We work with various partners throughout the world. Not only we have successfully made deals for more than 30,000 titles, which includes magazines, videos and audio tapes, CDs, plays, movies, and TV dramas; but also we’ve represented bestselling children’s and educational books and made record-setting deals for them.

Furthermore, we are now expanding our business areas to new platforms like web-dramas, web-comics, electronic books, and audio books.

Yingmei Kim
•  E-mail : • Phone :02-335-6388 ext. 302 • Regions : Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Alice Ku
•  E-mail : • Phone : 02-335-6388 ext. 210 • Regions : South-East Asia, Europe, North/South Ameria, Untied Kingdom
Jeonga Bae
•  E-mail : • Phone : 02-335-6388 ext. 201 • Regions : Japan




SILKROAD AGENCY was founded in 2010. We introduce excellent Chinese books to Korea and work as an agent to help with the copyright contracts. In addition, we export Korean book copyrights to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

We tried to inform many publishers of good books that readers of this time must read. Recently, we have expanded our business and mediated various copyrights for movies and TV Show based on books.

Koh Hye Sook
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-70-4333-0551 • Regions : Chinese copyrights
Kang Choa
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-70-4333-0550 • Regions : Chinese copyrights



THE Agency

With the pride of protecting the rights of intellectual properties, we've run the business to introduce various foreign children's books to Korean publishers and outstanding domestic children's books to USA, UK, Euorpe and Asia, etc. since 2001.

Jeongrim Yoo
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-326-0228 • Regions : Europe, North & South America, Asia



The ChoiceMaker Korea Co.

The ChoiceMaker Korea agency is a rights agency specialized in books for toddler, children, middle grade, YA, and ELT/ESL. Although electronic media is becoming more and more important these days, We still believe that one of the best ways to introduce a new book is to show it in person. Every year, therefore, we participate in many international book fairs such as Taipei Book Fair (Taiwan), Bologna Book Fair (Italy), Beijing Book Fair (China), Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany), Guadalajara Book Fair (Mexico), etc. Further, we make a business trip to 5~6 countries annually to meet with publishers. We have gone anywhere to promote our books. As a result, we have exported Korean books to 45 countries. Based on our experience over the past 10 years, we will keep our efforts to introduce good Korean books to more new markets in the future.

Lim, Insub (CEO)
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-322-3464 • Regions : Rights Agent
Choi, Ha Young
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-322-2059 • Regions : Rights Agent
Helen Han
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-322-3464 • Regions : Rights Agent
Lee, Jung Ah
•  E-mail : • Phone : 82-2-322-3464 • Regions : ELT, ESL



Topaz Agency Inc.

Topaz Agency started in this field in 2007, and has become the leading agency with a special emphasis on Comics from the scratch. The representative, Nam-Ho KIM, had previously worked as a licensing director of the leading ‘Manhwa’ (Korean Comics) publisher named Daewon C.I. Inc. for over 14 years since 1995. KIM has licensed more than 3,500 titles (almost 7,000 volumes) to the 37 countries.

We are in the position of licensing and handling almost all of the Korean Comics and the other various literary properties because of my previous licensing backgrounds.

We use our intimate knowledge and expertise in publishing to give our clients an edge in their dealings with publishers, from the initial crafting of the proposal and manuscript, through the negotiation of the deal, and long into the process of editing, marketing, and publicizing the book. With our network of prominent co-agents in the foreign and markets, we are aggressive advocates for our clients' work throughout the world.

Furthermore, we has a strong relationship with any kinds of business networks in domestic and overseas in cultural entertainment industries; animation company, game company, publishers, the character licensing companies and various agency companies, etc.

In all cases the aim is to establish a life-time's business relationship and to promote all aspects of an author's writing career, even between book contracts.

The pioneer of Korean Manhwa
The using of “Manhwa” as a brand name for Korean comics has reaped great success in the overseas markets. It was Kim who has tried to make an effective effort to expand the Korean word ‘Manhwa’ against Japanese ‘Manga’ which had already been popular around the world. This was just to differentiate Korean Manhwas from Japanese Mangas as the fundamental marketing strategy and it has been proved successful in the overseas markets.

The licensed territories (37 countries)
We have licensed a lot of Manhwa to the 36 overseas countries since 1995; Japan, Taiwan, China, Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Israel, U.K, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Croatia, Russia, Finland, Bulgaria, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, The Czech Republic, Serbia, Cambodia

•  E-mail : • Phone : +82-10-9124-5749 • Regions : worldwide



Publication lndustry Promotion Agency of Korea

  • 63, Jungdong-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, 54866, Republic of Korea
  • Phone: +82-63-219-2762
  • Email: