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2 [TREND / ONE-LINER QUOTES] Movie Critic’s Pick Oh Dong-Jin (Movie Critic, Wildflower Film Awards President of the Organizing Committee, Busan International Film Festival Market Co-President of the Organizing Committee) 2021.12.08
One-Liner Quotes   Movie Critic’s Pick   2022.01.03     Though Korean literature never won a Nobel Prize (I believe it is not a big deal), there are countless great pieces. Many literary works will deliver globally appealing stories as Ko...
1 [INTERVIEW / KOREAN PUBLISHERS] Moonji Publishing Belongs to the Literary Community 2021.10.18
Moonji Publishing Belongs to the Literary Community   2019.11.04   Moonji Publishing Co., Ltd is the publisher that owns the entire novel collection by Man Booker International Prize winner Han Kang. It is also the publisher of poetry collections by Kim Hye-soon, who received the ...