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2 [TREND / ONE-LINER QUOTES] Travel Bookstore’s Pick 2022.07.19
One-Liner Quotes   Travel Bookstore’s Pick   2022.08.01   I opened a small bookstore in Donghae, Gangwondo Province. It was not that I had a connection to it – the lecture I gave at a library, by coincidence, was the beginning of everything. The first time I met the head of ...
1 [KNOWLEDGE / PUBLISHING INDUSTRY] Types of Korean Magazines based on Keywords Ku Dool-Rae (Journalist at Hankyoreh 21) 2022.04.19
Publishing Industry   Types of Korean Magazines based on Keywords   2022.05.02   "The child plays because it plays. Reason does not exist in its play. (The editor-in-chief of Magazine B Tiktok)." This is a quote from Heidegger. Unlike books, magazines are like amusement parks ...