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3 [TREND / ONE-LINER QUOTES] Essay Writer’s Picks Yoon Jeong-Eun (Essay Writer) 2021.08.24
One-Liner Quotes   Essay Writer’s Picks   2021.09.06     Among the many Korean authors, my favorite author that is close to my heart is Park Wan-Suh. She lived up to her will of “I would be hap...
2 [INFORMATION / #K-BOOK] #Essay 2021.04.27
#Essay KPIPA Introduces K-Books for Global Publishing Markets through K-Book Platform 2021.05.03   Even if the Truth is Worth a Grain of Sand 1. Publication Details   Title | Even if the Truth is Worth a Grain of SandAuthor | Park Wan-suhPubl...
1 [INFORMATION / BEST SELLERS] 2nd Week, February 2021 2021.06.11
2nd Week, February 2021 Bestseller Trends in the Four Biggest Online Bookstores in Korea   2021.03.08   When we look at the top 10 bestsellers analyzed by major online bookstores in Korea for the second week of 2021, half of them were from Economics & Business Administration. Thi...