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3 [TREND / ONE-LINER QUOTES] Travel Bookstore’s Pick 2022.07.19
One-Liner Quotes   Travel Bookstore’s Pick   2022.08.01   I opened a small bookstore in Donghae, Gangwondo Province. It was not that I had a connection to it – the lecture I gave at a library, by coincidence, was the beginning of everything. The first time I met the head of ...
2 [TREND / BOOK TRIP] Sokcho, Gangwondo Province Lee Ji-Hyeon 2021.07.08
Sokcho, Gangwondo Province An embroidery of beautiful scenery   2020.08.03     The vast-open East Sea shining cobalt blue, a tranquil lake, and Seoraksan Mountain with a jaw-dropping view; these are just some of the many charms Sokcho boasts throughout the year. Plus, the d...
1 [TREND / BOOK TRIP] Chuncheon Hwang Jin-Ah 2021.08.10
Chuncheon A Sentimental Journey along the Railroad   2020.06.01     The most sentimental city in Korea would be Chuncheon, Gangwondo Province. There are many reasons to visit Chuncheon: college students go to Chuncheon for workshops every spring, young couples come to enjoy the beaut...