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3 [TREND / TOPIC] The MZ Generation Reads New Non-Fiction Kim Seul-Gi (Journalist at Department of Culture of Maeil Business Newspaper) 2021.08.24
Topic   The MZ Generation Reads New Non-Fiction   2021.09.06   When did the golden age of non-fiction begin?   There is a genre that boasts of being at the best place in the bookstores. It is non-fiction, in particular essays, a genre where people speak frankly about their person...
2 [INTERVIEW / KOREAN AUTHORS] Writer Kim Soo-hyun 2021.08.24
Korean Authors   Writer Kim Soo-hyun   2021.09.06     Please introduce yourself to our readers.   Hello, I am Kim Soo-hyun the author of I Decided to Live as Me (Woods of Mind’s Books) and Comfortably Without Trying Too Hard (Dasan Books).   Why did you choose the pro...
1 [INFORMATION / BEST SELLERS] 3rd Week, June Choi Ha-Yeong 2021.08.05
3rd Week, June Bestseller Trends in the Four Biggest Online Bookstores in Korea   2020.07.13   June is the perfect season to read books in a warm breezy room. Scorching hot summer seems to have arrived in Korea. What did Korean readers read in the third week of June? There is a book that h...