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2 [TREND / EXPORT CASE] Korean Literary Works that Have Recently Made Their Debut in France Lim Yeong-Hee (Project manager of Korean literature at Philippe Picquier, Korean-French translator) 2021.08.24
Export Case   Korean Literary Worksthat Have Recently Made Their Debut in France   2021.09.06   I’ve always kept an eye on titles newly released on the market every month or week and trends in the Korean and French book markets while introducing and translating Korean works...
1 [TREND / SPECIAL PROJECT] K-Thriller Lee Ji-Hyeon 2021.05.25
K-Thriller The True Suspense of Genre Literature in Korea   2021.04.05     The warm, cozy wind tickles our noses. It’s spring, a good season to read books. Enjoying the warmth of the sun, how about grabbing a genre novel you like, such as Sci-Fi, fantasy, romance, or martial arts, a...