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Even if the Truth is Worth a Grain of Sand


1. Publication Details


Title | Even if the Truth is Worth a Grain of Sand
Author | Park Wan-suh
Publisher | Segyesa Contents Group Corp. Ltd.
Publication Date | 2020-12-07
ISBN | 9788933871553
No. of pages | 288
Dimensions | 128* 188


2. Copyright Contact


Name | Kang Hun
Email | 
Phone | +82-2-6332-8083


3. Book Intro


This book takes a fresh look at essays written by Park Wan-suh, an invaluable legacy left by the beloved author.
She was responsible for numerous books featured in many of Korea’s must-read lists, such as Who Ate Up All the Shingah?, Mother’s Stake, The Naked Tree, and Was That Mountain Really There? No one would question her standing as a master in the world of Korean literature. It has been 10 years since her passing, and to commemorate this loss, we present a collection of 35 of her best-loved essays, thoughtfully curated from a list of over 660. The selection process itself took months in order to create a book that truly represents the spirit of the late author.

Even as time passes, Park Wan-suh’s words always remain a treasure.
Although it has been a decade since her death, Park continues to be discussed and published. This is because her writing is irreplaceably, impeccably good. Written in simple prose, the pages quickly fly by, and yet they leave the reader with a lingering feeling that lasts. Her words are forthright but never too much, interesting yet deep, and critical but warm. Any random page can bring joy to readers, and leave warmth in their hearts. After finishing her books, one can easily understand why Park is hailed as such a literary giant.

In times of chaos, this book will bring solace.
At a time when things are changing at a dizzying pace, it is difficult to find a touchstone that can ground us and help us keep our center. In the confessions of a veteran writer who has braved numerous trials in her own life, we find solace and a sense of comfort. Park’s life experiences and way of life were different from contemporary parallels. And yet, when we read her words today, we can’t help but relate to them and become overwhelmed by Park’s insight. Even as she endured the greatest suffering life can throw at us, including war, division of her homeland, and the deaths of her husband and son, Park managed to sing of the beauty of life and the warmth of humanity. She tells only the truest of stories in her books, and these are the writings that manage to shine even as the years have faded.

* https://k-book.or.kr/user/books/books_view?idx=4919



Just What I Wanted to Hear

Beautiful Traditional Jeogori

1. Publication Details


Title | Just What I Wanted to Hear
Author | Jung Heejae
Publisher | Woongjin ThinkBig Co., Ltd.
Publication Date | 2020-04-27
ISBN | 9788901242057
No. of pages | 260
Dimensions | 135 * 195


2. Copyright Contact


Name | Woongjin Think Big Foreign Rights Team
Email | copyright@wjtb.net
Phone | +82-31-956-7580


3. Book Intro


Just What I Wanted to Hear, which has been a steady seller and favorite among Korean bibliophiles since its initial publication in 2017, has been re-designed in celebration of reaching 100,000 copies in sales. There are times when you feel like you’re working your fingers to the bone but no one seems to recognize your efforts. Sometimes you have to bear things that seem unbearable and accept things that seem unacceptable. What was it exactly that kept you going during those moments when you pretended that everything was okay but felt infinitely lonely inside? The case may be that what kept you going was none other than a kind word from a precious person.

* https://k-book.or.kr/user/books/books_view?idx=4846



Worry on Your Own Terms

The Story of Hanbok during the Joseon Dynasty

1. Publication Details


Title | Worry on Your Own Terms
Subtitle | Just enough to stay happy
Author | Choi Dae-ho
Publisher | NEXUS Co., Ltd.
Publication Date | 2020-12-21
ISBN | 9791191209495
No. of pages | 192
Dimensions | 115 * 188


2. Copyright Contact


Name | Hyejin Jinny Chung
Email | copyright@nexusbook.com
Phone | +82-2-330-5529


3. Book Intro


The COVID-19 pandemic that shook the world throughout 2020 has led to another pandemic known as the “Corona blues.” What exactly do people need in this situation? What kind of comfort do we need right now? The core message of this book is to minimize worrying. It includes ways to stop constantly worrying and describes how our lives can change when we succeed.

* https://k-book.or.kr/user/books/books_view?idx=4800



Dear Depression

lt;Have You Ever Seen such a Beautiful Daenggi?

1. Publication Details


Title | Dear Depression
Subtitle | A record of depressing days that you don’t want to forget despite the pain
Author |
 Kim hyunji
Publisher | RH Korea Co., Ltd.
Publication Date | 2020-11-18
ISBN | 9788925589473
No. of pages | 380
Dimensions | 125 * 190


2. Copyright Contact


Name | Bak Seongah
Email | sabak@rhk.co.kr
Phone | +82-2-6443-8845


3. Book Intro


After being diagnosed with depression, the author began recording her thoughts and emotions in pictures and text and posting them on social media so as not to forget her own ordeals and to provide some comfort to those in similar situations. Her story may not be able to magically lift readers out of their depression, but they will find comfort in knowing that they are not alone. In this book, the author begins her story by opening up her own wounds. In an effort to find her own path, she wonders how she can overcome depression, how she can heal her wounds, and how she should treat those who hurt her.

* https://k-book.or.kr/user/books/books_view?idx=4879



One Day, Death Spoke to Life

Hanbok at My Fingertips

1. Publication Details


Title | One Day, Death Spoke to Life
Subtitle | The story of our remaining life
Author | Bhumsuk Keam
Publication Date | 2021-01-18
ISBN | 9788965964230
No. of pages | 264
Dimensions | 140 * 200


2. Copyright Contact


Name | SUJIN KIM / 金秀珍
Email | book@hbooks.co.kr
Phone | +82-2-325-4944


3. Book Intro


Patients’ last records, as made by an oncologist at Seoul National University Hospital Our decisions reflect our attitude toward life and death.
This essay is a sincere and honest recount by Bhumsuk Keam, a professor and an 18-year oncology specialist at Seoul National University Hospital, of his encounters with cancer patients and people around them.
He witnessed the different ways patients battling cancer choose to spend their remaining time. Some calmly sort out their lives and find happiness in small things; others stubbornly try to delay death time after time, and some overcome cancer and adopt a completely different view of life. The same goes for the families of cancer patients. A son who respects his father’s wish to donate his own brain after his death; a brother and sister who can’t let go of their mother even when she is unconscious and suffering from broken ribs after CPR; the daughter who ignores her abusive father; and the man who chooses to marry even though he knows his fiancée has cancer. Looking back on the decisions of the patients, carers, and medical staff, the author asks himself, “Were our best choice we claimed really the best?” The author says he learned a lot by watching the last moments of patients and their families, and reflecting on his own attitude toward life and death. These accounts were written during his spare time in order to keep a record of the life lessons he learned so that he would not forget. Parts 1 and 2 of the book feature stories of patients the author met as they deal with scheduled deaths and, for their family, the rest of their lives. Parts 3 and 4 provide a glimpse of the concerns and thoughts of being a doctor who treats cancer patients.
These stories reflect our lives. The attitude of life and death they show asks us the same question: How do you prepare for an inevitable death? How should you live the rest of your life?

* https://k-book.or.kr/user/books/books_view?idx=4945



The Diary of a Centenarian

Making Hanbok Clothing for Dolls

1. Publication Details


Title | The Diary of a Centenarian
Author | Kim Hyeong-seok
Publisher | Gimm-Young Publishers, Inc.
Publication Date | 2020-04-13
ISBN | 9788934993001
No. of pages | 232
Dimensions | 142 * 205


2. Copyright Contact


Name | CHA Jinhee
Email | jinhee@gimmyoung.com
Phone | +82-2-3668-3203


3. Book Intro


“Why don’t you try living life to the fullest?”
This book is a record of a brilliant and a resilient life that has spanned over a century.

These days, ordinary daily life feels more precious than ever. There is one philosopher whose daily life is particularly special. Kim Hyeong-seok turns 100 in 2020. He still uses a fountain pen and paper to write, and he gives as many lectures as he can. But he doesn’t do this for money or honor. Rather, he says that plans to “keep working as long as he can provide at least a small help to others.” The Diary of a Centenarian is the product of this life philosophy.
It contains 70 heart-warming essays on the themes of aging, health, family, longing, faith, love, society and daily life. Not only do they bear the weight of a life spanning over century, but they also sparkle with the brilliance of a life that continues on to this day. Every night, the elderly professor reads his diaries from last year and the year prior and then writes about his day. He conveys his growing feelings of gratitude, love, longing, and yearning for a brand-new tomorrow.

* https://k-book.or.kr/user/books/books_view?idx=4375



Talking the Talk

A Story Told Stitch by Stitch from the Finger Tips

1. Publication Details


Title | Talking the Talk
Subtitle | And Saying What We Mean
Author | Kim Ha-na
Publisher | Collage
Publication Date | 2020-06-30
ISBN |  9788954672733
No. of pages | 220
Dimensions | 128 * 188


2. Copyright Contact


Name | Lee Youngeun
Email | yelee@munhak.com
Phone | +82-31-955-2694


3. Book Intro


A lesson on speaking by Kim Ha-na, a reader, writer, listener, and speaker.

Speaking is an inseparable part of our lives. Even in sign language, words are always exchanged between people in order to communicate. Words that come and go through speech are capable of forming relationships, and there are various layers of speech for the purpose of communication, empathy, resolution, and resonating. However, we don’t “learn” to speak. It’s learned naturally, like walking. We don’t give sincere consideration to the act of speaking. Talk the Talk begins with the question of why we don’t consciously learn to speak.
Words often exert great power, and speaking through a microphone can be considered a symbol of power. The opportunity to step onto a stage, grab a microphone, and speak are limited, and those who are marginalized rarely have the chance to speak up. We have entered the era of content creators, however, an era where there are countless small microphones. It’s an era in which people can tell their stories without having been given a microphone. This is why it’s more important than ever to speak properly and deliver your message precisely.
Author Kim Ha-na hosts book podcasts and lectures using her comforting voice and perfect pronunciation. Kim moves the hearts of countless listeners with words that lend confidence, and this book delves into the art of speaking, to which she has given great consideration.

* https://k-book.or.kr/user/books/books_view?idx=4251



Nobody Writes Well at First

Koreans, What They Wore

1. Publication Details


Title | Nobody Writes Well at First
Subtitle | Fun and Empathetic Writings on SNS to Essays
Author | Lee Dahye
Publisher | Wisdomhouse Mediagroup Inc.
Publication Date | 2018-10-08
ISBN | 9791162209288
No. of pages | 280
Dimensions | 140 * 205



2. Copyright Contact


Name | Julia Kwon
Email | ohappyday@wisdomhouse.co.kr
Phone | +82-31-936-4199


3. Book Intro


In the era of essays, we have a craving for our writing to be read by other people. But once you face the blinking cursor on a white page of your notebook screen, you don’t know what to write. What do you need to do if you want to start writing? What do you have to do if you want to write well? How can I write something I like that other people can also identify with? This book is an introduction to writing for people who want to write but don’t know how by the essayist Lee Dahye. It accurately points out which areas people are concerned about in writing and suggests methods for readers who want to know how to “organize well and convey” their thoughts and experiences. She also tells many stories about how to become yourself while writing and how to write continuously without it loosing its fun. This book is organized into steps. The first step helps you throw away your fears of writing and learn the basics. The second step explains the easiest way to start writing, by writing about movies or books you have seen or read. The third step talks about how to bring the writing closer to your life and turn it into a driving force. The fourth step is about how to wrap up and revise writing, which is just as important as starting to write. The fifth step is a guideline for people who wants to be essayists, including how to write longer and how to write a proposal. At the back of the book, there is a list of questions you should ask yourself before writing and a Q&A clinic with answers to the most frequently asked questions she received while giving special lectures on writing. Lee Dahye once had write’s block as well, and someone told to her that she should take some time every day to just write anything. So she opened up a blank document and typed “Let’s write anything,” but she could not think of anything to write afterwards. She says she is still walking a tightrope between ease and difficulty when she writes. First of all, become a person who likes writing. Nobody writes well at first.

* https://k-book.or.kr/user/books/books_view?idx=1382




Beauty Regimen and Attire of the Royal Family of Joseon

1. Publication Details


Title | Tipsy
Subtitle | A novel, an essay and tasting notes on the theme of ten liquors
Author | Eun Modeun
Publisher | Breathing Book Factory
Publication Date | 2019-07-05
ISBN | 9791186452462
No. of pages | 200
Dimensions | 120 * 190



2. Copyright Contact


Name | Kim Kyungmi
Email | frei99@hanmail.net
Phone | +82-70-8833-3170


3. Book Intro


Alcohol sometimes gives us comfort and connects people to others. Of course, it sometimes causes trouble. Now, Tipsy captures the alcohol that has melted into many different aspects of our everyday lives in the form of a novel and an essay.
There are five novels and five essays each, and at the end of each novel and essay is the author’s own “tasting notes” on the alcoholic drinks mentioned in the novels and essays. There are 10 tasting notes that collectively cover wine, beer, makgeolli, and cocktails. To put it simply, Now, Tipsy is a collection of literary works featuring novels, essays, and tasting notes on the theme of ten liquors.

* https://k-book.or.kr/user/books/books_view?idx=4004



Another Way

Talking Clothes

1. Publication Details

Title | Another Way
Subtitle | Photo Essay
Author | Park Nohae
Publisher | Slow Walking
Publication Date | 2014-02-01
ISBN | 9788991418141
No. of pages | 352
Dimensions | 132 * 190


2. Copyright Contact

Name | Im Sohee
Email | slow-walk@slow-walk.com
Phone | +82-2-733-3773


3. Book Intro

From India‚ Pakistan‚ Laos‚ Burma‚ Indonesia to Tibet‚ a journey to villages nowhere to be seen on the map! Whereas people are now calling for ‘the age of Asia’ as “the subject that would rescue capitalism in crisis”‚ Park Nohae‚ who has traveled on his feet here and there in Asia for the past eighteen years‚ asks a serious question: “The emergence of the age of Asia is an event in human history‚ that goes beyond the simple question of shifting of economic power and suggests a task of transition of civilization. What would indeed remain where more than half of the world population have followed the western way of ‘growth and progress’?” The “wonderful everyday” of the unknown people‚ their dedication and integrity were captured and captioned silently and contemplatively‚ touching our mind in a singular way of this photo book. And a new essay of meeting true self at the end of the road. ‘Image with a story’ guide us to another way‚ a step to good life. If you are in doubt‚ may his nomadic-note guide you as a map of the star in your heart.

* https://k-book.or.kr/user/books/books_view?idx=1866






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