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1. Publication Details

Imprint | SIGONGSA Co., Ltd.
Title | Sandstorm
Author | Jin-ki Do
Format | 130*203
Pages | 352 pages
ISBN | 978-89-5277-868-0


2. Contact

Name | Sunju Jung
Phone | +82-2-2046-2895
Email | alliswell1224@sigongsa.com
URL | http://www.sigongsa.com/main/main.php


3. Marketing Information

Media Review and Advertisement |
Korean-style mystery fiction, revived and evolved.
Author Jin-ki Do’s fourth title in the “Jinu Series.”


4. About the Author

After completing bachelor’s and master’s courses at the Seoul National University School of Law, Jin-ki Do served as the presiding judge of Seoul District Court. At present, he divides his time between practicing law and writing mystery fiction. Do debuted in 2010, when his short story Choices received the New Mystery Writer Award from the Korea Mystery Writers Association. Do’s works include Murder at the Red House, featuring lawyer Ko Jin, The Portrait of La Traviata, Mental Suicide, featuring Jin-ku as the main character, The Problem of Order, and The Man Who Knows Me. Four of Do’s fiction titles have been exported to China. Do’s detective fiction has garnered a strong fan base of mystery readers for its brilliant tricks and intellectual games. Publication of the educational book Who Killed the Little Match Girl? was part of Do’s effort to present law in simple and interesting terms to the general public.


5. About the Book

Jin-ku learned ethics and humanity late in life.
The past that shaped him slowly bares its truth.

“I understand what ethics is.
But in the end, no one told me why I had to abide by them.”

Jin-ku is commissioned by the CEO of a large investment company to perform a secret investigation of his son’s lover. After learning that the woman in question is Yeon-bu, his best friend and rival from childhood, Jin-ku turns down the commission. Hae-mi questions Jin-ku about their relationship, sensing a heavy air between them. Jin-ku answers only that when they were in middle school, they followed their scholar fathers on a Silk Road expedition, and that they lost touch after an accident. Hae-mi is apologetic toward Jin-ku, who is especially sensitive when it comes to talking about his father. She begins reading books written about the mentioned expedition, and slowly walks into Jin-ku’s past...



How a Superhero Wipes His Bottom


1. Publication Details

Imprint | Bear Books
Title | How a Superhero Wipes His Bottom
Author | Ahn Yeong-eun
Illustrator| Choi Mi-ran
Binding | Hard cover
Pages | 48 pages
ISBN | 979-11-5836-093-1


2. Marketing Information

Subject | How to wipe one's bottom, hygiene, daily habits
Target Readers | Children in grades 1-3


3. About the Author

[Story by Ahn Yeong-eun]
Ahn has thought about how she could best wipe her bottom since she was a child. Currently, as a disciple of Master Poo, she continues to study bottom-wiping techniques and helps children solve their problems. She has worked as a writer for a number of TV shows popular with children, including TV Kindergarten One, Two, Three on KBS; PpoPpoPpo on MBC; and Mother Hen Pheasant on EBS. Her picture book, The Biggest Cake in the World received a BolognaRagazzi Award special mention in the Book & Seed division, and she also wrote Poop Island Is Disappearingand Pffft, Space Anal War.

[Illustrations by Choi Mi-ran]
Choi studied industrial design at the University of Seoul and has worked as a graphic designer. She also studied illustration in graduate school at her alma mater. In 2009, she received a mention in the nonfiction division at the BolognaRagazzi Award forTemple Built of Stone, Seokguram. She has illustrated books including Hey, So-and-so, You There!; Sambaegi's Story Unknown to Sambaegi; Letter Zoo; Scaredy-cat Manbo; and I Don't Want to Go Poo During Recess.


4. About the Book

After a disgraceful fall from superhero to pants-soiler, Ripperboy seeks out Master Poo, who has spent a century mastering the technique of wiping one's bottom. How to wipe one's bottom is something that even mothers and fathers don't know very well, and something that they never teach in school or at private academies. Master Poo is here to teach you the proper way. In the past, there have been many books on how to poop, but books on how to wipe one's bottom have been rare. How many pieces of toilet paper does one need to wipe his bottom clean? How does one wipe and in what posture? Parents find it bothersome or are embarrassed to explain it in words, so they tend to evade the topic. This book specifically and thoroughly describes how to wipe one's bottom along with a funny story of the superhero Ripperboy. As you laugh along, you'll have mastered a daily cleaning habit.



A Blooming Flower


1. Publication Details

Imprint | Blue Bicycle Publishing Co.
Title | A Blooming Flower
Author・Illustrator | Kim Hyojeong
Format | 220*250
Binding | Paperback
Pages | 40 pages
ISBN | 979-11-88609-06-2


2. Contact

Name | Kim Mun-jeong
Phone | +82-31-955-7470
Email | Booksea21@hanmail.net
URL | http://www.paja.co.kr


3. Marketing Information

Awards, Recommendations, and Selections | 2,000 copies
Subject | The importance of believing in ourselves and the numerous decisions we make in our lives.
Target Readers | Age 6–8
Media review and advertisement copy |
On a sunny spring day, a gentle breeze touches all corners of the world. A precious story that carries the echoes of flower seeds preparing to blossom on land, on the surface of water, or in a completely unexpected place.


4. About the Author and Illustrator

[Written/Illustrated by Kim Hyojeong]
Ever since I fell in love with picture books in a library, I’ve studied and worked hard to create one myself. Because a life is a sum of choices, I wrote A Blooming Flower to highlight that no matter what choices you make, what’s most important is to have faith in yourself and your decisions. I wrote and illustrated Floating Cloud and illustrated I Want to Be a Monster.


5. About the Book

Most of the time, we see flowers that are colorful, beautiful and sweet-scented. But as long as someone or something touches us and warms our hearts, they deserve to be called flowers whether or not they have a scent or brilliant colors.
This book illustrates a dandelion seed that experiences excitement, worries and fears while it prepares to blossom, as well as the priceless result its brave choice brings. As the seed continues to believe in its choice despite fear and temptation, it successfully blooms to become a flower that, even with a unique appearance, spreads happiness and warmth among people.
The book will help young readers to have courage like sunlight, to wait like water and to have faith in themselves, as they continue to face unanticipated events and challenges that require them to make choices. And one by one, they will get ready for a precious flower to blossom within themselves that will bring delight and warmth to other people. After all, we all are special and proud seeds with the potential to grow into any kind of flower.




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