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3 [TREND / ONE-LINER QUOTES] Bookstore Manager’s Pick: Books for Teens Lee Sook-Hee (Head of Dream Book Shop) 2021.05.26
Bookstore Manager’s Pick: Books for Teens   2021.06.07     “Mom, I like this book so much! Is there another book written by this author?” My daughter, second-grade in middle school, exclaimed, “I’m go...
2 [TREND / TOPIC] Introducing Korean Sci-Fi! Lee Ji-Yong (Professor at the Institute of Body & Culture, Konkuk University) 2021.06.11
Introducing Korean Sci-Fi!   2021.03.08     Beginning of Sci-Fi in Korea   To pick the genre that the public has actively consumed in Korea for the past several years, it would be "Science Fiction." However, considering the massive fandom and cultural influence of Sci-Fi in othe...
1 [INTERVIEW / KOREAN PUBLISHERS] Publisher Prunsoop 2021.06.11
Publisher Prunsoop A Beautiful Forest Filled with Books and People of Various Colors   2021.03.08   Prunsoop. With its name giving off a fresh and lively mood, publisher Prunsoop – meaning “a beautiful forest of books” is an all-around publisher that produces books about various va...