K-Book Trends is a web magazine published by the Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea (KPIPA). It offers Korea’s highly informative publishing content to those in the global publishing industry, helping the Korean publishing industry build global competitiveness.

We produce professional data about promising Korean books for overseas markets and share success cases of Korean publications and copyright export. We also provide those in the global publishing industry with rich information collected from Korea’s major international book fair activities, as well as the latest news on bestselling books, and an overview of the Korean publishing industry.

K-Book Trends can be easily read online anywhere in the world either on a PC or mobile device. Readers can also subscribe to receive email newsletters and download the issues in PDF format.

Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea always look forward to hearing opinions related to K-Book Trends from industry experts and readers.

  • PublisherKim JoonHee
  • EditorKim Jin Hyeong
  • Advisory EditorsGu Sun-A, Kim Kyong-Soon, Baek Won-Keun, Joseph Lee
  • Planning/EditingPublication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea, NeulpumPlus Co.
  • Design/ProductionNeulpumPlus Co.
  • ISSN 3022-9006