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Export Prospects of Korean Books

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Xingxing Chinese Expedition


1. Publication Details

Imprint | DARAKWON

Title | Xingxing Chinese Expedition

Subtitle | Kid Comic to Learn Chinese, Easy and Fun

Author | Sookhee Ban, Pink Dolphin

Illustrator | YJ Company

Format | 188*257

Binding | Paperback

Pages | Main book: 176; workbook: 16(same for all volumes)

Vol.1:978-89-277-2132-1 77720
Vol.2: 978-89-277-2136-9 77720
Vol.3: 978-89-277-2143-7 77720
Vol.4: 978-89-277-2146-8 77720
Vol.5: 978-89-277-2152-9 77720
Vol.6: 978-89-277-2160-4 77720
Vol.7: 978-89-277-2164-2 77720
Vol.8: 978-89-277-2170-3 77720
Vol.9: 978-89-277-2177-2 77720
Vol.10: 978-89-277-2182-6 77720
Vol.11: 978-89-277-2195-6 77720
Vol.12: 978-89-277-2200-7 77720
Set: 978-89-277-2131-4-7



2. Contact

Name | Sangyun Lee

Phone | +82-2-736-2031(extension: 430)

Email | sang@darakwon.co.kr

URL | http://www.darakwon.co.kr



3. Marketing Information

Issued Copies / Bestselling Ranking | Selected by Kids’ Chosun Ilbo as the 2014 Children’s Book of the Year

Topic | Chinese for children

Target Readership | Elementary school students

Media Review and Advertisement |

An easy, fun way to learn about the people, history, geography, culture and language of China through comics!



4. About the Author

[Content structure _ Sookhee Ban]
Social studies teacher at Banghak Middle School
Social studies teacher at Daesung Hagwon(private institute) and Jongro Hagwon
Cultural Heritage Guide at the Palace Culture Center(current)
Exhibition Guide at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History(current)
Korean Heritage Guardian(current)
Director of Guru Social Studies Hagwon(current)


[Written by _ Pink Dolphin]
Major work:
Tales Runner: Career Experience Series
Tales Runner: Working with Mentor Series
Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Mathematics Series
Times Table Odyssey Series
Ghost World Series


[Illustration & Planning _ YJ Company]
YJ Company was established with the aim of creating better comic content with specialists and professionals, by a former Chief of the Comics Division at the Seoul Media Group, who has a wealth of experience in planning and publishing educational or creative comics such asMaple Story Comic, Math Thief, and Maple English Grammar for Elementary School Students.
The company plans for and publishes a variety of comic content for both children and adults. While executing a number of national support projects, YJ Company produces digital comics not only for use in Korea but also for international export to countries including the U.S., France, and China.


5. About the Book

The Xingxing Chinese Expedition series consists of full-color comic books that tell fantasy action hero stories of five warriors.
The books help readers learn the people, history, geography, and culture of China in an easy and fun way.
Drawing from her own experience of dealing with life and death, the author describes what a good death is and how we can prepare for it.
Just by following the interesting content of the books, you will be able to learn Chinese vocabulary and expressions before you know it.
Each book provides a special gift as well as an MP3 audio file and QR codes, which readers may use to check out the correct pronunciation of the vocabulary mentioned in the book.



Love You Like the Spring Sunlight



1. Publication Details

Imprint | Hanbit Media

Title | Love You Like the Spring Sunlight

Author | Story Flower

Format | 185*210

Binding |Hard cover

Pages | 176pages

ISBN | 979-11-85933-08-5



2. Contact

Name | Seungmo Cho

Phone | +82-2-2128-8748

Email | marketing@hanbit.co.kr

URL | http://www.hanbit.co.kr



3. Marketing Information

Theme of Book| 15,000 copies published

Subject | Prenatal care

Target Readers | Parents looking for books or stories for their unborn baby

Media review and advertisement copy |

A set of stories that brings happiness to pregnant mothers and babies throughout the 280-day period of pregnancy.



4. About the Author

The author started writing books in the hope to create a space filled with knowledge and imagination for children, and his major works include Yoo-hoo! Let’s Dance; The Ugly Duckling: It’s Okay Not to Be a Swan!; Cinderella: It’s Okay without the Glass Slipper!; What Will I Become If I Like Music?; and What Will I Become If I Know Flavors?



5. About the Book

This book presents a set of enjoyable stories that parents can lightly read to their unborn babies as if having a relaxing conversation throughout the entire period of pregnancy, from the moment they find out about the news until the day of giving birth. A total of 36 stories included in the book range from beautiful classics to delightful old tales, fantastic stories and lyrical poems, all of which undoubtedly touch the hearts of mothers and their babies.

For parents, babies are the most precious beings that can never be replaced, and the best gift a parent can give to them is a heartfelt conversation. Before you go to bed after a busy day of work, get together with your spouse and try reading a book for your baby. You’ll be able to have the most wonderful experience in the world: bonding with your unborn baby.





1. Publication Details

Imprint | Noran SangSang

Title | Candy

Author | Cha Jaehyeok

Format | 205*250

Binding | Hard cover

Pages | 52pages

ISBN | 978-89-973-6796-2



2. Contact

Name | Park Bo-ram

Phone | +82-2-797-5713

Email | Iyyjune3@hanmail.net



3. Marketing Information

Theme of Book| 2,000 copies

Subject | Imagination, play, freedom

Target Readers | Children Ages 4–7

Media review and advertisement copy |

One sweet candy in my hand. What should I do until this candy finishes melting in my mouth?
Think of all the things you like, and one by one they’ll turn sweet just at the thought of them. I bet there are lots of stories waiting to be told inside of you.



4. About the Author and Illustrator

Miniature cars, dolls, dinosaurs, magic, candy, balloons, soccer, baseball, hide-and-seek, pinwheel, water guns... As each moment of happiness from your childhood comes to mind, a smile appears on your face.
Do you remember what your sweet childhood moments were like, when you moved a lollipop around in your mouth?
The author and illustrator have collaborated on many picture books including The Strange Repair Shop, 500 Won, The Moon Is a Chatterbox, and Mute. They have also been published in France with La Couleur du Secret.
Choe Eunyeong was chosen as Illustrator of the Year at the 2016 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.



5. About the Book

One sweet lollipop in my hand.
“What should I do until this candy finishes melting in my mouth?”
The book opens with the main character in the story making crackling noises as he peels the wrapper off a lollipop. He asks his friends, “What should I do until this candy finishes melting in my mouth?”
He licks the lollipop and swivels it around in his mouth, but it seems like he’s not satisfied with it.
At that moment, he notices his colorful crayons. He carefully holds a blue crayon and starts to ponder. “Hm... what should I draw?” Finally he makes a decision and begins to draw a long line from one side of the wall in the room. The line is endless.
What is our main character trying to draw?






1. Publication Details

Imprint | Thinking Power Books

Title | Castaway

Subtitle | Koreans Who Do Not Belong
to the North or the South

Author | Joo Seung-hyeon

Format | 135*210

Binding | Paperback

Pages | 200pages

ISBN | 979-11-85585-48-2 03300



2. Contact

Name | Yoo Seung-jae

Email | sjyoo@tpbook.co.kr

URL | http://www.tpbook.co.kr



3. Marketing Information

Awards, Recommendations, and Selections | 3,000 copies(second print)

Subject| The unification of Korea, new settlers from North Korea

Target Readers| Adults

Media Reviews & Advertisement Copy |
“Reading the life story of Dr. Joo Seung-hyeon reminds you that there isn’t anything you cannot do in life. The book gives you courage.”(Novelist Jang Gang-myeong)
After the publication of his book, the writer was interviewed by The Hankyoreh and the online news site ohmynews. Reviews for the book were published in eleven different major newspapers, including The Hankyoreh, Chosun Daily, Seoul Shinmun, and Hankook Ilbo. The writer was also invited to appear on TV Chosun.



4. About the Author

Joo Seung-hyeon worked as a propaganda agent in the demilitarized zone in North Korea from the late 1990s to 2002, when North and South Korea were waging psychological warfare against each other by playing music and other propaganda through loudspeakers. While he was preparing to enter the military academy, his father passed away, and he received a notice that his entrance to the academy had been postponed. In 2002, he decided to cross the border and defect to South Korea.
In South Korea, he attended Yonsei University and studied in the Political Science and International Studies Department; he went on to receive his MA and PhD in Korean Unification Studies. He has worked at different organizations such as the National Assembly. Currently, he teaches politics and Korean Unification Studies at various universities, is a member of the Education Committee on the Unification of Korea, and is an advisor for the National Unification Advisory Council.



5. Overview

In 2002, Joo Seung-hyeon was working as a propaganda agent in the demilitarized zone in North Korea when he crossed the border and defected to South Korea. Crossing the border took him only twenty-five minutes, but for more than a decade he has been trying to cope with the consequences of his choice, such as suffering from nightmares of stepping on a landmine in the middle of the demilitarized zone. After coming to South Korea, he studied politics and received his PhD in Korean Unification Studies in order to fight against the discrimination and stereotyping of North Korean defectors living in the South.
The book is a collection of essays based on Joo Seung-hyeon’s own life, and it reveals the discrimination against North Korean defectors. He calls himself a “castaway” in the book, a shipwrecked person during the historical disaster that divided a country in half. His essays are not just autobiographical, as they are also the stories of 30,000 North Korean defectors living in South Korea as well as the stories of those who have lived their lives without belonging to either the North or the South. Joo Seung-hyeon also calls them castaways. Reading the stories in the book, readers will realize that anyone in Korea could become a castaway if the country stays divided. The book is about the life of one North Korean defector, but it tells the stories of people who are living in the last divided country in the world.




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