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Dr. Oh Eun-Young

Korea's favorite mentor, helping everyone grow with her warm messages




Dr. Oh Eun-Young, a psychiatrist who gives magically fitting solutions to a situation, is often referred to as Korea's favorite mentor nowadays. Dr. Oh is also an active writer. Since her books can help people get clear answers when not able to consult directly, Dr. Oh's writings are valuable to many. Dr. Oh's books are effective prescriptions to people living in the current era as she sometimes blatantly denounces and other times gives words of comfort when people ask for advice on everyday worries and issues. Dr. Oh writes books to give people a helping hand to grow mature as they walk the long and weary life journey. We had a chance to interview her.



Please say hello and introduce yourself to the readers.


Hi everyone. I am Dr. Oh Eun-Young. From golden children (geumjjogi, a name used to call children that need her help) to adults, I have spent a lot of my time with people nationwide. People call me an Internet mom or Korea's favorite mentor due to my work on TV shows. It is a great honor that I have such nicknames.


Dr. Oh is a renowned psychiatrist who suggests high-quality solutions to people and is an active writer. Why do you write books, and what messages would you like to deliver through your writings?


I have liked writing since I was young. I won a few awards while I was attending elementary school for writing. Since I won prizes and got compliments for doing something I liked, writing was always an exciting thing to do. I continued publishing articles in magazines as my positive impression of writing did not fade away. I became a managing editor for my middle school's school paper and editor-in-chief for a medical magazine published by a doctors' association as I became a professor at a medical school.
From 2005 to 2016, I joined a program named "My Child Has Changed" hosted by SBS and realized that TV was a great medium to deliver good content to the public for its ripple effect. It is easy for some to obtain information through media like TV. Still, some people prefer to read, think, and share information obtained from books as I do. So, that's how I came to write my first book, Dr. Oh’s Parenting A to Z: Everything You Should Know about Your Little One (published by JoongAng Books), which is similar to an encyclopedia.
The core message I want to deliver through consultations and books is the same. Consultation is about focusing on a person who visits me. A Book is about concentrating on us, a group of every individual reader. If consultation or diagnosis is a process of discussing, improving, treating, and changing an individual, a book is a process that can be applied to all readers. However, one person's worry is often everyone's concern that they could not share freely. Overall, the fundamental message I want to deliver through consultations and books is the same.



Dr. Oh’s Parenting A to Z: Everything You Should Know about Your Little One



How effective are books for people who need consultations? What is the difference between a direct consultation and a book, and what kind of help can readers expect from your books?


Whether the person is a reader or a TV viewer, they are all unspecific general public. The essence of consulting and treating an individual and dealing with the unspecific general public is the same. Everyone has their characteristics, suffers sometimes, and has to learn to understand others. Of course, when the issue requires professional and medical attention, a befitting approach has to be taken. However, the main theme of either consultation or books is on people. Counseling or books all show what kind of concept or attitude one should bear in mind to understand others. If a person is to gain insights on people based on direct experience through a 1:1 consultation, books deliver insights from a broad view based on indirect experience. In that sense, we dwell on a certain phrase or cry as we feel touched while reading books. Even if it is a small piece of advice, one can see that the message shares a common theme about people once readers apply the advice to their lives or minds.


Subjects of your books include symptoms people commonly suffer from in the current era. Since your books are categorized as technical text, the selection process must have been thorough. Are there any specific standards you follow?


Every time I select a theme for a new book, I consider the long journey one has to walk from birth to death. The journey of life is the direction of my books. The first book I published was on dealing with children in their infancy. Then, I wrote a book on juvenile children and their parents. The next book was about helping the youth. My future books will be about one's inside; something people worry as they live, a common concern people ponder upon from birth till death. The order of my publications might be different, but the theme tracks the lifelong journey people take rather than about the hot potatoes of the time.
To be honest, I put stages of life in the books' themes because I want people to walk the path together, for it is too long and exhausting to walk alone. I hope both readers and I grow and mature together. My books show my desperate wish that 'We should grow together!'




See What They Mean, Say What You Mean, and Reconciliation by Oh Eun-Young



Dr. Oh, you are one of the best-selling authors in childrearing and psychological consultation. We would like you to pick one of your books to recommend to readers overseas, and please do tell us the reason as well.


I want to recommend reading every book I wrote, but if I am to pick one or two, I suggest reading See What They Mean, Say What You Mean, published by Gimm-Young Publishers, and Reconciliation by Oh Eun-Young, published by Korea.com.
The words I put in See What They Mean, Say What You Mean may sound like something one must mention to their children. However, they are what everyone wants to hear from their special someone. Therefore, husbands or friends can replace children as the target of words in the book. I believe that is how one should treat others as rightful human beings. The book talks about how one should treat others, how one becomes happy by treating close ones, and how one should address if one is to have or get a positive impact from others. Thus, the book is applicable regardless of race and country.


* K-Book Trends Vol.30 – Card-news introducing See What They Mean, Say What You Mean


Reconciliation by Oh Eun-Young is a book on parents and children. Parents are the most important and precious figures to children. That is what makes it more complicated. Parents love their children, but often they find it challenging to deal with their children. Parents and children's relationship is a cherishable one. Each other receives love and seeks love from one another in the relationship. At the same time, the relationship makes life miserable. Some feel more love and others feel more pain from the relationship. Some feel confused about feeling both love and pain. The relationship between parents and children is something a person has to learn well. It becomes the foundation for learning about one's current self. Thus, Reconciliation by Oh Eun-Young is a book that delivers an important message regardless of the cultural context one belongs to.


Every book you wrote must hold a special place in your heart, but is there one specific book that has an unusual meaning to you? Please share your story related to the book with us.


That one book that I cherish more than others is See What They Mean, Say What You Mean. Cases of parents and children I consulted appears the most in this book, and it had the most responses from parents saying that the book helped them navigate the childrearing process. One parent said that she suffered every time she brought her children out. She was doubtful that the book would work after getting no results applying the methods suggested in other books on childrearing. She thought, 'Even if I follow directions in See What They Mean, Say What You Mean, it will not work. But I was surprised when I found out that the guidance in the book works.' I got a lot of letters like the one I just mentioned. As an author, I believe there is nothing as meaningful and joyful as the time when the reader sees practical improvements in one's life.
There were also some interesting episodes related to See What They Mean, Say What You Mean. Books in a similar category normally target parents as their readers. However, more children read the book than expected. After reading the book, children themselves show the book to their parents when issues arise and say, "Dad, Dr. Oh recommends speaking this way. Come here and read this." Aren't they so cute? I even feel proud of them for saying that. After seeing how their children react, parents try to change their attitude and treat their children more respectfully and adequately. I feel grateful and pleased for what parents try.



I hope my book becomes a small beacon of light in readers' lives.



What does it personally mean for you to be an author?


Many have helped me become who I am as a writer. More than anything, my parents' love helped me grow as a stable person. Many teachers taught me precious lessons. Not only that, countless people protected me from harmful environments and people. For that matter, I have a sense of responsibility and desire to help others by doing what I can do in earnest and returning the favor I got from many throughout my life. So, writing is like homework to me. The busier I become, the longer it takes to write a book. It feels like I am not doing what I must do when I am not working on my book.
In many cases, it takes around 2 to 3 years for me to accumulate and publish a book that reflects knowledge, theory, experience, and philosophy on a sector or a theme. I use all my heart, passion, knowledge, value, and philosophy as I write. It feels like I am giving birth after ten months of prenatal care, a healthy diet, and health care but to a book instead of a child. The process may be tiring but is meaningful and fulfilling.
I 'dare' to leave a book to be read for generations. I sincerely hope my books shed light on people's lives. I go on to TV shows, write columns in newspapers, and run a blog and a YouTube channel for the same reason. I only use diverse platforms because every individual has different ways of understanding things. I hope my writings help people think, share concerns, and touch their hearts.


What are your future plans, and what message do you want to deliver to your readers?


I communicate with many through TV shows, and books are another way I interact with others. Communication starts the moment a reader picks up a book and opens the first page. As long as my health allows, I will do my best to do what I can do. I will consider what I can best do today and keep up the good work.
The message I want to deliver to my readers is that the past two years must have been a tiring and stressful time for many. One had to do more and take on the burden to stay afloat. Everyone is worthy of their efforts during the time. You did what you could best do. You are capable enough to withstand the chaotic time and have what it takes to endure. You are excellent to have survived.
Small but precious moments of happiness are what keep us from breaking down. It may feel instant but remember the heartwarming feeling. You are special not because you are good at something but because you are who you are. Please keep that in mind.




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